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IT’S TIME – Maximizing Your Business’s Value

Watch the first part of our webinar series: IT’S TIME – Maximizing Your Business’s Value with John Cameron. John is one of BC’s top business coaches – helping guide business owners through these interesting times.

In this presentation, John shared his experience working with business owners through a global pandemic and how he helps position entrepreneurs to maximize the value of their business prior to selling.

View the full webinar below:


Key Points by John Cameron

Lessons learned from COVID-19:

  1. You can get by with less overhead and people than you thought you could.

  2. Companies found different sources of revenues.

Simple Valuation Formula:

Value = Assets + (Profits x Multiple)

The asset value you have on the books isn’t what the assets are really worth.

Book value of assets vs. resale value of assets

If profits are nil, the value of the business = the value of the assets (unless it’s a strategic buyer).

The multiple is the degree of certainty that profits will continue into the future.

4 ways to transition your business:

  1. Sale to a third party

  2. Transition or sale to family

  3. Sale to management/employees

  4. Liquidation

To maximize the value of your business it takes time and effort. The benefits can be massive.

Example: a business with $5 million in sales improves its margin by 3%. That’s $150,000 per year in additional profits. But on a multiple basis, that’s an increase of $750,000 in company value.



John Cameron – Business Coach & Trainer

John is one of Canada’s most sought-after small business experts and has been helping business owners achieve success since 2001. He has a Business Degree from Simon Fraser University followed by a career that began with a marketing consulting practice in Vancouver. From there he became a partner in the 4th Fastest Growing Business in Canada (as recognized by Profit Magazine). Following that, he started up his own contracting company from scratch — built it up to 25 employees — and successfully sold it. In 2001, John received his certification as an expert business coach. This led to the creation of Rock Solid Business Coaching Inc. Since then he has worked one-to-one with hundreds of owners building strong profitable companies.


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