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Multi-Asset Portfolios

Our multi-asset portfolios bring together a broad range of institutional grade opportunities that generate stable cash flows with less volatility than a typical stock and bond portfolio.

Anchor Pacific manages five core asset allocation strategies built on our multi-asset framework. Each asset allocation maps to a specific client risk score, which is a non-subjective measure of your unique risk tolerance.
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​Lower risk. 

Composed of more conservative assets that provide capital preservation, diversification, and liquidity.

International Fixed Income

Canadian Fixed Income

Asset Classes
Asset Classes


Hedge Strategies (non-Equity)

Equity Hedge Strategies

Canadian Equity


Fixed Income Extended


​Medium risk. 

Composed of investments that act as portfolio stabilization agents and/or risk diversifiers.


​Higher risk. 

Composed of more aggressive assets including public and private equity.

US Equity

International Developed Equity

Emerging Markets Equity

Commodities & Currency

Capital Growth
Asset Classes
Anchor Pacific Balanced Investment Portfolio
Balanced Portfolio

Mission: Growth and Stability

Our Balanced Portfolio balances the need for capital protection, cashflow stability, current income, and long-term growth with a targeted risk profile consistent with a 40% target allocation to fixed income and a 60% target allocation to equities.

Historical Risk:

Standard Deviation: 7.8%

Maximum Drawdown: 26.5%

Drawdown Duration: 16 months

Recovery Duration: 20 months

Time to High-Water Mark: 36 months

Any portfolios described here are strictly theoretical in nature and are presented for illustrative purposes only. Actual client portfolios will likely differ from the general descriptions presented here.

The historical risk figures cited for each Portfolio profiled are based on historical figures from 2001-2023 for asset classes in the percentages that they would represent in each reference portfolio.

All figures cited here have been garnered by Anchor Pacific from sources deemed reliable, and are subject to revision without notice. Anchor Pacific will not be held liable for any inaccuracies or misprints. Actual returns may differ from the returns presented based upon, among other factors, time of investment. The characteristics of any benchmark indices or proxies to represent specific asset classes or strategies, may be materially different from that of any funds selected for investment, and thus, little correlation may exist between the funds’ returns and those of such indices or proxies. These are only disclosed to allow for comparison to that of widely recognized indices and/or market proxies.

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