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Investment Process

Consistent and reliable performance is a byproduct of a robust framework and process.

Institutional Model

Our investment process draws heavily upon the institutional model in which the world’s largest pensions, sovereign wealth funds, university endowments and foundations employ a multi-asset class approach to investing.

The key structural attribute for success in the implementation of this model is the establishment of a proper governance structure that drives and oversees the long-term mission for the funds. Foundational pillars include permanent and patient capital, a long-term orientation focused on total return, and a total enterprise approach to capital management.

It Starts With You

Investment process, purpose

What are your financial goals and priorities?

Time Horizon

When will you need to draw upon your capital?

Investment process, time horizon
Risk Tolerance

What is an appropriate level of risk to expect? 

Investment process, risk tolerance

A successful investment program must be oriented to the goals, needs, and constraints of the client.

Investment Program

Strategic Asset Allocation

The most significant investment decision is establishing the long-term strategic mix of asset classes and strategies which is designed to produce the highest expected rate of return within a prudent and disciplined risk framework.

Strategic Asset Allocation
Investment Selection

The process whereby specific investments and strategies are researched and evaluated for portfolio inclusion. Our research platform provides extended reach across virtually the entire relevant investible universe and allows us to select the most relevant and thoughtfully vetted investments for our clients.

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