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Manager Selection

Harnessing a data-driven approach to capital allocation.

The optimal use of data in the investment and manager selection process is end-to-end.

We use technology to distill and disaggregate complex and extremely large data sets from multiple sources in order to separate signals from noise.

Leading with Data Science


Investment Manager Selection

We take a global, "best-in-class" approach to manager research seeking differentiated strategies for meaningful portfolio impact.

The Decision to Allocate

Understanding the Firm
  • What is the manager's core competency and competitive advantage?

  • What is the firm's culture?

Active managers have a high bar for entry and their inclusion needs to be justified.


Evaluation is equal parts quantitative and intuitive.

Ultimately the decision to allocate to a strategy is based on forming a highly confident, evidence-based opinion that the manager will meet its objectives for portfolio inclusion.  

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