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Our Approach

Our approach to investing is guided by a universal set of core principles.

Values & Culture
Investment Pillars
Culture and process drive performance.

Success without the proper culture, structure, and process is luck. It is not repeatable. Our culture is built on a passion for investing. The structure and process we follow sets you up for success.

Structural discipline.

We structure your investment plan to meet your specific goals with respect to your unique needs, preference and circumstances. Clearly marked guidelines with respect to governance and how the assets are managed ensures that your plan is adhered to, discipline is maintained, and your wealth will prove resilient over the long-term.

Accountable and unconflicted.

Investment advice must be delivered as a Fiduciary. We don’t manufacture any investment products. Our compensation is not tied to the sale of any investment. We are 100% fee for service.

Communication is vital.

We communicate in a clear and transparent fashion so that your expectations are properly managed and your needs are fully met.

Long-term horizon.

Short-termism is detrimental to your wealth. It leads to all types of sub-optimal decisions. Returns are random over shorter intervals. Invest with a long-term view and benefit from a more stable pattern of positive expected returns.

Risk first. Risk always.

Managing risk and return is more complicated than ever. It is complex and multi-faceted. It is not lip service. Before considering any investment opportunity, we thoroughly analyze and understand the risk profile in its entirety. Expected return will never be the principal decision driver.

Diversification. Easier said than done.

While diversification is often referenced as the “only free lunch” when it comes to investing, successful implementation is an acquired skill in and of itself. Many investors run portfolios that are overly concentrated whether by plan or by ignorance. Our approach to diversification is highly scientific allowing you to benefit from owning a portfolio of truly diversified asset classes and strategies.

Asset allocation drives returns. Not security selection or market timing.

There is an ample body of evidence that attributes up to 90% of investment performance to one’s strategic asset allocation decision. Individual stock and security selection is overvalued.

Evidence over heuristics.

Our investment decisions are guided by research based empirical evidence, as opposed to heuristics, biases, and mental shortcuts.

Investment selection. Purpose driven.

Every single investment holding is purposefully selected with defined objectives for inclusion within your portfolio.

Avoid unforced errors.

“We have met the enemy and the enemy is us”. Short-termism, performance chasing, and other mental shortcuts are significant detriments to compounding wealth. Your investment program is engineered to maintain investing discipline at all times, thus avoiding the return slippage that arises from negative decisions dictated by emotions and other behavioral biases.

Learn. Adapt. Evolve.

Successful investment programs are highly adaptive. We are perpetually in continuous state of learning and seeking improvement. We can always do better.

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