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First Quarter 2020 Portfolio Planning

Portfolio Planning


The economy is in shock and governments around the world are taking unprecedented steps to limit the damage. However, there are beginning to be conversations around how the economy will come back online.

On March 18, 2020, the Canadian government pledged a whopping $82 billion in direct aid to shore up the economy. Since that date, not a week has gone by without another Federal Government announcement. We are seeing an unprecedented Fiscal and Monetary response by the Government.

We, also, should also take this time to think of our personal finances. Here are some of the things you should be thinking about now and for the future as we adapt to our “new” normal:


These are the times that an Emergency Fund is designed for. It is recommended this fund be large enough to meet about 6 months worth of your expenses. When life and the economy return to normal, please make sure to re-establish this pool of money. It’s in precisely times like this that a cash hoard like this one comes in handy.


If you are expecting a refund, file ASAP.  Don’t let the government hold your money any longer than necessary.


Do away with non-essential spending and look for ways to reduce your spending since nobody knows how long we are in this for.

Here are some money-saving ideas to get you started:


Rates are trending down as the Bank of Canada continues to intervene by cutting the benchmark interest rate.

The Big Banks may soon be back to essentially offering 0.00% (or something close) on your savings account.

While rates are low:

1. It is cheaper to borrow. If you are looking to consolidate higher-interest credit card debt, this could be a great time to save money by using a low-interest personal loan to pay off your balance.

2. Refinance your mortgage at a lower rate if it makes sense after factoring in any penalties arising from breaking your mortgage contract.


The unscrupulous ones among us do not take a break, even in times of crisis. Scammers have been trying to exploit people’s fears during the coronavirus pandemic.

Here are some steps to take in order to keep scammers at bay:

1. Do not click on links in emails and texts from unknown sources.

2. Get your updates from reliable government sources.

3. Do not jump at offers to make a quick buck and generate high returns.

4. Avoid fake news and products that promise to detect, treat or cure the coronavirus.

5. Do not give anyone your SIN or credit card information unless you are confident they are legit.

6. Be wary of charity scams.

7. Watch out for deceptive adverts online.


Whether you are an existing client or a prospective one, we are here to help you manage through this crisis by being a resource and strategic advisor partner in any way we can:

1. We will provide accurate information

2 Deliver unbiased advice

3. Act with accountability

4. Be your “one watchful eye”

5. Maintain discipline and keep to a well thought out plan

Now is the time to assess (or reassess) everything – your financial plan, your business plan, your capital structure, your succession plan, your portfolio, and to really evaluate your team of advisors (or consider having one).


Download the complete First Quarter 2020 Portfolio Planning:

First Quarter 2020 - Portfolio Planning
Download PDF • 3.66MB


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